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Developed by an athlete and avid outdoorsman, SAXX Underwear was founded with a mission to revolutionize the core staple of every wardrobe. SAXX has since grown into an industry leader, but from day one, we’ve built innovative, design-driven gear, which has helped us develop a loyal following across North America. And for good reason: We make the most comfortable underwear.

Since 2006, SAXX products have been carefully crafted with the best materials and workmanship, each piece designed from the ground up. SAXX is more than just underwear though. It’s the team of people behind the scenes and our loyal, adventurous customers that make SAXX Underwear what it is. They are deeply rooted in a sense of adventure and are driven to perform. True to those roots, they continue to defy convention by pushing the boundaries every day in their pursuit of making truly life changing underwear.

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