Alex Ingh is an Italian fashion shirt brand which makes wonderful, hard-hitting products for both men and women | Ermanno Clothing for Men

Alex Ingh


Alessandra Inghirami has 30 years of work experience in the shirt field in her family business (Inghirami Group). She decided to found her own brand (Alex Ingh) giving life to a new Men / Women collection 100% made in Italy, high range, innovative tailoring with the finest italian fabrics, original Liberty printings with esclusive details, appealing to a younger audience with a sense of classical and traditional themes.

The decision to turn to a new commercial network, combined with the opportunity to reach foreign markets, has determined an interest in researching new distributors and commercial partners that can appreciate this product, born between Tuscany and Umbria by a long tradition of love for the beautiful and the old and wise sartorial craftsmanship.

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