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Today over 100 years later, Stenstroms reputation for unique quality has spread far beyond the country’s borders, and our experienced craftsmen and women still do most of the sewing by hand. Each Stenströms shirt undergoes more than 60 separate production stages, 25 on the collar alone, to give it that special feel which is so characteristic of a Stenströms shirt.





Xacus was founded in 1956 in San Vito di Leguzzano, which is just outside Vicenza, by Alberto Xoccato, 
who was a creative and visionary craftsman and member of one of Veneto’s oldest families. And it was here that
 he embarked on a journey of style and happy entrepreneurial tradition: interpreting, with the knowledgeable hands of ten expert dress makers from the area, the noble men’s shirt-making art for several years.






SAND is a lifestyle concept, and their costumers appreciate fashion that is balanced between fabrics and fittings, style and comfort. “We are not just a fashion company making clothes. There are a lot of thoughts and actions behind the collections, which reflect world citizens for whom they are designed”, says Soren. Each collection is divided into different lines: For Men, SAND presents the refined Red Carpet., the formal Black Label and the innovative and preppy Pink Label. For Women, SAND offers the two lines: Black Label, a contem- porary fashion with a feminine, sensual expression, and Pink Label – preppy heritage.

The passion for Italian fabrics, tailored details and perfect cuts in every item of the collections and a deep dedication to art, manifesting in the almost sculpturual silhouettes in the design, enables the SAND cus-tomer’s own individual experience of touching and wearing SAND products, and discovering their value.













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