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Allen Edmonds success comes from their attention to detail and pride in what they do. Made in the USA these are the shoes every professional needs in his wardrobe to convey business without ever having to say a word



Swims has redefined the footwear industry with its revolutionary galoshes and loafer line. With Winter putting a damper on a man’s wardrobe SWIMS used it to their advantage to create a practical yet modern solution to everyday wear and tear.


Andrea Zori started in 2000 by Andrea Baggio. After working for his Father’s company since 1998, Andrea needed to create his own identity using craft, tradition, and effort, but also innovation, technological knowledge, and research. The brands mission today is to create unique objects while still staying close to their roots. Made 100% in Italy, Andrea Zori implements respect and culture of traditions as well as refined detail which are the key symbols of the Andrea Zori’s quality.



Lancio shoe factory was established in 1976 by the inspiration of the current owner Alberto Lanciotti who, as a young man, is attracted, or perhaps seduced, by the world of fashion and men’s footwear.

Tradition, creativity and passion have always been the core elements of this company that unites its arts to the Luxury of Made in Italy.

The company having grown and been enriched by the second generation, while remaining a family business, came gradually to emerge in key international markets, initially in those of northern Europe and North America, but is now recognized and appreciated all over the world.


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