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Lab Pal Zileri is a style-forward project with a dynamic attitude, distinguished by a contemporary and urban trait. Every single garment is designed with the purpose to accurately express the personality of its wearer at its fullest, yet a common denominator links all the pieces together: the aesthetics, accompanied by a modern élan with a casual and always nonchalant touch.

Lab Pal Zileri F/W 2018 interprets the trends of men’s fashion through a delicate balance between the sartorial heritage of the maison and a creativity empowered by a flair for challenge.

The Italian heart of the collection beats with an international pulse, expressed through the details: its multiethnic signature reflects the cosmopolitan and unconventional approach of creative director Rocco Iannone.












The collection is made up of purely basic elements: versatile key-items, to handle every and any occasion with an elegant yet striking style thanks to an ever-impeccable look. The must-haves range from the navy blue pea-coat to the parka, also including the leather aviator model and the quilt, all strung up together through a series of finely tailored pieces.

It’s the tailoring section where the Pal Zileri DNA – revisited in its Lab version – shines the brightest: the timeless allure of the maison embraces a new interpretation, where the urban style weaves the threads of a modern image.

The chromatic palette gives room to tones that better incarnate a typically masculine vision, which linchpin trilogy is expressed through army green, navy blue and dark brown.

The new collection LAB F/W 18 is the vessel where the most easy-going of attitudes masterfully combines with urban liveliness.

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