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The label originates from the principles of democratic tailoring that knows no limits. It was founded and developed in the Vicenza province, an area steeped in values and history, home to the architectural oeuvres of Andrea Palladio, the workshops of goldsmiths and the distinctive taste of the Renaissance. Pal Zileri  was conceived by two entrepreneurs, Gianfranco Barizza and Aronne Miola, who in 1970 founded Forall Confezioni SpA, an enterprise centered on Italian sartorial tradition and which, starting from its name – FOR ALL – emphasizes the attitude which has always been it’s hallmark. Even today, every garment is entirely produced in Italy, either locally in the Quinto Vicentino manufacture or by a network of Italian craftsmen selected for their excellent workmanship. This ethos combined with strategic distribution has further contributed to company growth.


Spring Summer 2020 advertising campaign:

The Pal Zileri advertising campaign for Spring Summer 2020 Collection represents for the Brand a journey to discover its origins, to recover the colors and the atmosphere of the Lagoon that have always been part of its own stylistic DNA.

The images narrate a trip to Venice of three friends taken in a moment of absolute carefree, without structures and rules. “Stolen shots”, taken from very close as well as far away, which reveal a story made of friendship, smiles, an all-male association where clothes discreetly accompany the protagonists without forcing the plot and without constrain them to “pose”.
An everyday story, as everyday is the style of Pal Zileri, made to lead the different moments of every man’s life, joining that twist of elegance and refinement that has always distinguished the Brand.


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