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Born in Austria, at home in the world.

A close-knit family.

Our philosophy

Phil Petter – the company comprises Corinna and Kurt Petter and their daughter Anja in addition to a committed and friendly team of long-standing, highly qualified employees. Here it is the traditional values which count – the discussions and work processes involved are both ongoing and honest. The team in Dornbirn works at refining the perfect product each and every day in line with their own high standards. We never do anything unless we are entirely convinced.

The Dornbirn based family business Phil Petter has been celebrating knitting for decades. The selection of high-quality Central European raw materials, attention to detail and the craftsmanship with traditional and modern techniques is the basis for an honest, authentic product.

The name Phil Petter stands since 1973 for quality and reliability. The style of Phil Petter is timeless. We don´t produce mass-made products in our factory. Just favourites.



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